This is what it has come to.

Only moments ago, my boyfriend looked at me in slightly bemused exasperation and asked, “Is this what your addiction has come to?” He was referring to the fact that after my last post, in which I pondered whether I should lay off buying books for a while, I went out and bought two books. (In my defense, I had a coupon for 20% off at Barnes and Noble that was going to expire in less than 48 hours.) I then hid these books in my nightstand so he wouldn’t find them and get mad.

Then, last night, I bought three more books. (Again in my defense, I was at Bookmans and I had trade credit and I needed some summer reading material. Not that my other 54 books aren’t summer reading material… I just wanted more. Yes, for those of you keeping count, I’m now up to 57 unread books. My “To Buy” list is down to 48, though!)

It seems that until my budget prohibits it, I’m going to keep buying books faster than I can possibly read them. I’m okay with this. My wallet… not quite so much. Really, though, there are much worse ways I could be spending my money.

Happy reading!


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