I PROMISE I’ll post a review soon.

I have been seriously slacking recently in terms of this blog. However, as I mentioned, I had kind of a lot going on. Excuses mean little, I know. Hence my promise to finish one of the two books I’m currently reading in the next couple of days and a get a review posted.

I am am three-quarters of the way finished with Fahrenheit 451, a book I’ve read before but am falling in love with all over again. Like some other dystopian visions of the future, it sometimes scares me how much of authors’ bleak portraits have in fact come to pass. It blows my mind how much certain authors correctly guessed (feared?) about the future — from the perishing of the written word to the state of seemingly perpetual warfare. Most of the authors were only a few years off in their assessments, too.

On a somewhat lighter note, I’m also progressing through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I’m really enjoying Berendt’s portrait of Savannah, Georgia, and its unique and colorful inhabitants. Having visited Savannah several years ago myself, I really appreciate the image-driven, evocative nature of the writing. Of course, I’m also looking forward to the murder mystery aspect of the book; but since no one has died yet, I assume it must still be forthcoming.

Being that it’s shorter, I’ll probably finish Fahrenheit 451 in the next day or so. I really like all the characters in it, especially since they’re fighting the good fight. A good literary revolution never gets old!


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