I miss reading…

I am currently pouting. This is because I have been very heavily book-deprived for the past couple of weeks. I was studying for the GRE, which I took on Sunday. So, instead of being buried in quality literature, my nose was deep in the bleak pages of a GRE study book. Now, I know that the GRE is a necessary evil in my quest for a Master of English degree, but it really was hellacious.

On top of my misery caused by allowing my beloved books to languish, unread, on my shelf, I had to deal with the horrible study program. The study book, while admittedly useful, was positively riddled with typos. I whipped out my red pen on a regular basis to correct misspellings and malapropisms. It made me feel very superior to the people at the Barrons editing desk.

Now, I’m done with the test, so I’m looking to dive back in to reading. However, there is a pile of work that I skipped to study for the test that now has built up and is unavoidable. I spent close to four hours grading student work last night, and I’m facing the same prospect for this evening.

Of course, to de-stress the day before the exam, I went to Bookman’s and spoiled myself with some new purchases. I am now back up to 30 books on my “unread” shelf, and 7 books in my queue on my Nook. So what shall I read next? I started Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil about a month ago, but then haven’t touched it in weeks. I might just restart it completely. I may also read Word Freaks, a nonfiction book about competitive Scrabble. That should be fun.

Ahh, books… how I have missed you.


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