Books in Progress

I am currently reading two books: Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini, and How to Travel With a Salmon, by Umberto Eco.

Paolini’s book is the third in his Inheritance series (following Eragon and Eldest). I am close to finishing – I’m on page 688 of 763 – and I’m glad I’m finally getting some answers. I’ll do a full review when I finish, but for the moment I’ll just say that A) I want a dragon REALLY badly courtesy of this series, and B) Brisingr is not quite as good as Eragon but significantly better than Eldest.

Eco’s book is just about as close to directly opposite Paolini’s works as possible. How to Travel With a Salmon is a collection of travel essays in the vein of Bill Bryson, though less outrightly hilarious. Eco is an interesting narrator. He views the world around him with a seemingly bemused and frazzled air, constantly bedeviled by problems like where to store a fresh salmon in a hotel room or how to replace a drivers license in the Byzantine bureaucracy of the Italian DMV.

I am enjoying both books, though Eco’s is an easy “snack read” (pick up for 10 minutes, then drop for several days without feeling guilty or worrying that you might forget something). Reviews will be up as soon as I finish each book, respectively.


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