I am a Bookworm.

I decided to start this new blog because I love books. It borders on an addiction. My boyfriend had to put his foot down a while back because I kept sneaking out and buying more books. I currently have 26 books in my “To Read” pile… and those are just the ones I’ve already purchased. I have a list with closer to 100 books that I want to read. I am a certifiable bibliophile. I refused to see the movie of Water for Elephants because I loved the book and I didn’t want the movie to ruin it – I even used to change the channel if a preview for it came on TV.

I attempted a general blog a while back, to talk about my life and work, but I ended up abandoning it because I felt like I never had anything to say. However, I can talk about books until I’m blue in the face. I don’t really have a particular mission in mind yet – just the idea to share what I’m reading and loving (or hating) at the moment, and maybe even have some book discussions down the road.


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  1. Ashley

    excited to read more of your blog!

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